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A big part of The Monarch Sanctuary Project's mission is to raise awareness for monarch butterfly conservation. We envision a world in which monarchs and pollinators are treated with compassion and where safe, sustainable alternatives are used for gardens and natural habitats everywhere.

The monarch population has been on a decline for nearly 2 decades. As of July 2022, our beloved migratory monarch butterfly, scientifically known as Danaus plexippus, has officially entered the danger zone! Monarchs are now listed as endangered on the IUCN Red List.


One of the greatest threats to monarch butterflies is the loss of habitat, and creating habitat sanctuaries is how we can all help. 

Monarch butterfly illustration with wings spread by Allison Hall
A 501c3 non-profit organization that tethers monarch conservation to the human experience

We are honored to focus our efforts on the following:​

  • Encourage and maintain natural habitats for pollinators

  • Offer digestible education that empowers people to build their own natural habitat

  • Build awareness and agency in our local communities

  • Grow and distribute native milkweeds and nectars

What We Do

Our Impact

The Monarch Sanctuary Project works to raise awareness for monarch

butterfly conservation and to help protect their habitat as they migrate through

Central Texas. We accomplished the following in 2023: 


Milkweed Grow Operation 


We all know how important milkweed is, but when was the last time you found native milkweed at your local nursery? That is why the Monarch Sanctuary Project started growing our own. From local and sustainable seed collection to cold stratification, we obsess over each step to ensure that monarch caterpillars have milky leaves to feast on. 


2023 Recap:

January – March
  • Milkweed grow operation: We grew 2100 Texas-native milkweed plants in the Biehle greenhouse (donated by Exaco and the city of Pflugerville) to plant in our habitats, Gift Garden Giveaways, and to sell at our local Pfarmer’s Market. 

    • Species grown: Green (Asclepias viridis), Antelope Horns (Asclepias asperula), Zizotes (Asclepias oenotheroides), Butterflyweed (Asclepias tuberosa), Texas milkweed (Asclepias texana), Purple milkweed vine (Matelea biflora)

  • Garden Giveaway kit recipients: 

    • Pflugerville Elementary School (Travis County) 

    • Austin Steam Train Association - Cedar Park (Williamson County) 

  • Monarch Sanctuary Fun Run and Earth Day Festival

  • Pfarmer’s Market Milkweed Sales

  • Tabling @ Waterloo Greenway Greenfest

  • Pflugerville is certified as a Mayors Monarch Pledge city

  • That’s My Pflugerville segment shoot

  • Tabling @ Waterloo Greenway: Wild Wednesdays 

    • Milkweed monitoring and milkweed plant sale

  • Tabling @ Balconies to Backyards 

    • Goodwater Texas Master Naturalist conference 

  • Lake Pflugerville front bed installation 

    • 171 nectars, 30 milkweeds, 1200+ sq. ft of habitat added

  • Co-hosted (Park)-ing Day for Pollinators with Studio 16:19, Round Rock

  • Hosted Impacting Change: Gardening for our Native Pollinators workshop, Pflugerville

  • Gift Garden installations

    • Pflugerville Library (Travis County) 

    • Bagdad Elementary School (Williamson County)

  • Austin PBS Central Texas Gardener shoot on Milkweed Germination

  • Lake Pflugerville Beautification Project

    • 2 new habitat beds added with Volunteer-Untapped ATX

  • Roots and Wings Festival with Families in Nature: An Evening for the Monarchs

November – December 
  • Milkweed Germination Workshop with Papilionem Natives, Round Rock

  • Winter prep of germinating native milkweed seeds

habitats created


habitat square footage added


native milkweeds grown


(6 species!)

native nectars given away


leadership volunteer


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